Fabric Notions and Tools

When it comes to quilting notions, what makes one a necessity?

McCalls’ Quilting had some great thoughts on what makes a notion indispensable.

From needles for your sewing machine to quilting rulers and mats – there’s a lot of tools & notions to choose from. Find the perfect craft supplies for your next quilting project and beyond.

Key Takeaways from McCalls’:
  • Out of 6 necessary items, 3 are used for fabric prep and 3 are used for sewing (and 2 of those need continuous replacement). You can make a million quilts with just those items (assuming access to fabric and batting, of course, but those are not notions).
  • While there are a few items that every quilter needs to make quilts, many of the absolute necessities have to do with fabric preparation. Have you noticed that? For example, most quilters would not be able to work without a rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat (I know I couldn’t)
  • As for me, I like the Clover Wonder Clips. When I first encountered them, I was a little skeptical, thinking they wouldn’t be much better than pins to hold binding in place. I was totally wrong!

“You don’t need much to make quilts, but anything that makes the process easier is worth trying.”


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