Jelly Rolls 2 Go Video Vault



Meet Christine from Jelly Rolls 2 Go in Colorado Springs! Fabulous Machine Embroidery Organization.

We were thrilled to have Becky Thompson from Power Tools with Thread stop by for a tour. Check out the video she made!



What is a Jelly Roll?

Tiffany explains how a fabric roll turned into a jelly roll and what some jelly roll fabrics can be used for.



The Quilt King

Logan, aka The Quilt King 719… explains the benefits of the Jelly Rolls 2 Go Rewards Club. Earning points towards all of your jelly roll fabric purchases.



Strip Quilting, Fabric Rolls and Beyond!

We keep you looking at gorgeous, creative fabrics all day… and then we keep you looking at gorgeous, creative fabrics all day.





Quilt Kits

Spice up your next quilting project with a complete quilting kit, whether a table runner, tote bag, rag kit, kaleidoscope kit, or anything else!




More and more videos to come

Jelly Rolls 2 Go is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date and in-the-loop with our ongoing series of videos. We’ll either explain, instruct, or just entertain. So make sure to check back. With a lot of plans in the works we’re going to make sure to announce the major announcements with more fun videos.