Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fat quarter?

A fat quarter or FQ is 1/4, or one quarter of a yard, only cut on the half yard. So, instead of being 9″ by 44″ as it normally would be cut in a fabric shop, it measures approximately 18″ by 22″. Many quilters and crafters prefer this cut. It’s the same amount of fabric but instead of the fabric being narrow and long, 9″ x 44″, it’s twice as wide and half as long, 18″ x 22″. Hence, a quarter yard being the smallest cut, if you want running yardage you order the number of quarters you need. For example, if you want 1 yard of fabric, you order 4 quarters. If you want 2 1/2 yards of fabric you order 10 quarters, etc.

This listing is for fat quarters. Do you have yardage?

If the listing is for fat quarters look at the quantity available. For example, if the quantity is “20” then there is 5 yards available (4 fat quarters in a yard). If you purchase a quantity of 8 then you will receive 2 yards of uncut yardage. If you would like more yardage than is shown available in the “quantity” section then please email us. We will occasionally have more yardage and can increase the quantity.