Video for Hand-Aplliqued Houses

Yoko Saito has produced videos and tutorials to show you how to create her famous hand-appliqued houses for your quilting projects. This formerly Japanese only content has now been made available in English. We’ve seen “houses” pop up in popularity for quilts and these might be some of our favorites. To make your own you just need a little bit of imagination or to find a design online. Anything you draw inspiration from, locally or far away can become a beautiful house quilt.

Key Takeaways:

  • This celebrated Japanese quilter is known for her exquisite appliqué, and in Houses, Houses, Houses! she explores quilted dwellings in all kinds of designs, from quilts and bags to pillows, pouches, and three-dimensional house-shaped blocks—34 step-by-step projects in all.
  • For a better idea of the awesome projects you can do by learning about Yoko Saito and her techniques, check out more here.
  • “The wonderful thing about appliqués of houses is that anyone can easily create one of their own.” Gives the reader some confidence even for being a first timer.

“If you make a mistake and don’t come up through the fold but come up into the applique itself, you’ll actually be able to see the thread and that is not what you want. So make sure when you come up through, you come right on the fold so that the thread disappears into the applique and is invisible.”

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