postcards made of fabric

We can’t get over how cute these fabric postcards by Jedi Craft Girl are! She gives you plans for the whole project – step-by-step.

To make these fabric postcards you will need to buy the listed materials. Then follow the instructions on how to assemble the materials for the project. Cut out the valentines and the background fabric. Use the spray to make it stick and stitch around them. Use the stabilizer and attach the postcard. You may need to trim the edges and remember to stitch the edges to add to the design. And voila, you’re done.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hello Sweetheart by Riley Blake Designs is an adorable valentine inspired fabric.
  • Using fabric and a postcard, you can make your own cute valentines at home.
  • You can make super cute valentines at home, and its easy and fun enough that your kids will enjoy taking part.

“These are super easy and would be fun for your kids to help make!”

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