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Amber of GiGi’s Thimble caught our eye when she gathered all of her five fastest baby quilts together. One of the examples she’s posted is the “Modern Baby Quilt” that she designed. This quilt is a pattern of white squares and strips made of various shades of blue. Amber has attached pdf files with every single quilt design so that readers can see an extensive list of necessary supplies and more detailed instructions.

Key Takeaways:

  • GigGi’s online quilting patterns includes patterns that savvy quilters can put together in one day.
  • One colorful star pattern with classic lines is particularly effective as it works equally well as a gift for a boy or girl.
  • A simpler pattern, done in shades of blue, with several stripe variations through the center, is more specifically a good choice for a boy baby.

“Because let’s face it, sometimes you need something quick to gift – that’s made from the heart.”

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