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Many people have the feeling that once in a while they owned a store bought garment that fit them absolutely wonderfully but after some time to their dismay they discovered that the garment was not as fitting as it used to be. Then one would want to find a new garment or build one with the pattern that matches the style lines of the old garment. One solution that the author would suggest to make sure that the fittings are perfect is to copy the garment. She has built a tutorial that shows how to copy a garment without one having to take apart the garment. She has two pictures with the one on the left showing the original garment and the one on the right showing the garment that was copied. They both look alike and absolutely smashing on her especially the one that was copied. She did not have to spend much to copy the original garment and has prepared a tutorial for that. Some of the things that would be needed to do the garment copying are a large piece of cardboard, cutting scissors, some pins, and ruler with a tape and the original garment. The steps to use in copying the garment or recreating it are outlined in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people have the experience that once in a time they own a garment that is absolutely wonderful but after some time they cannot wear it again.
  • In the blog the author shows a picture of her having on the garment that she loved and then another picture on the right of the one she copied.
  • Some of the things that one would need when one is copying a garment are a cardboard that is large, a paper scissors, and some pins.

“It isn’t always easy to find a pattern that matches the style lines and ease of the beloved garment. To avoid fitting problems and to make sure your new garment looks exactly like the old one, there is one perfect solution: copy the garment!”

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