how to use color in quilting

When one is putting colors together in making a quilt, the technique that is proposed by the author gives more depth for the palette when using the quilt. He realized when he visited a museum for fabrics that by using more than one color in the fabric there was the possibility that the owner would view the fabrics for a far longer time. Whenever the Gee Bend fabrics run out of a color, like out of red for instance, they looked for a new one, and did not have to go without. The author considered the fact that having to go to the fabric store to find the perfect fabric was not an option rather it was a must. The year that she visited the museum she made “stepping out” and used the reds and blues that are highlighted in the fabric that is shown in the blog. Then when she had to do her “city scape” design she also replicated the same pattern. She has also created an intuitive color and design book that explains a lot about her color choices and how people can incorporate them. Her success made her daughter who has been doing fabrics and quilts for twenty one years to invite her to try out some designs for her.

Key Takeaways:

  • To really draw in and keep a viewer’s eye glued to a piece, try using more than one fabric in a color group.
  • The use of more than one red, for example, creates greater depth to the color story of the piece.
  • For more eye appeal, try going for an array of interesting textures as well as color shading.

“Going to the fabric store to find the perfect fabric was not an option. That year I made “Steppin’ Out,” and followed that plan with the reds and blues in this log cabin design. Then when it came to “City Scape” I did the same thing. My Intuitive Color and Design book goes into more detail on color choices.”

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