A quilt made of different sizes of squares and strips

While this quilt is a classic for Cluck Cluck Sew, it’s new to our eyes and we loved it! It’s one of their favorites and they’ve written free tutorials so that you can make one yourself.

The quilt was made in 2012 and and it’s fun seeing how much love she’s had for it. If only there were a PDF tutorial for all of our favorite quilts!  Gotta start somewhere. 😉

Her “Strips and Squares Bed Quilt” was made with the fabric “Seaside” by the renowned Riley Blake, which is difficult to find now.  But you can easily supplement whatever color scheme you’d like to go for with another set of fabric.

Over the past seven years since she first made this quilt, she has seen so many variations of it and they are all beautiful. It just keeps looking good all the time. So join in on the fun, download her PDF, and get to crafting!

Key Takeaways:

  • First made in 2012, the Strips and Stars Bed Quilt is one of the most used quilts in Cluck Cluck Sew’s home.
  • The quilt is made primarily with fabric by Riley Blake, with freehand quilting by Kathy.
  • There are many beautiful variations of this quilt that uses fat quarters or 1/4 yards and comes in four sizes.

“Since I had it out anyways I decided to take some photographs of it, and make the old tutorial into a printable PDF.”

Read more: http://cluckclucksew.com/2019/05/the-strips-and-squares-quilt.html

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