How to Sew a Rag Kit

Making A Rag Quilt
Use Our Pre-fringed Blocks for Fast Quilts!

Rag quilts are fun, easy, and very rewarding to make.  The frayed edges provide a chenille look & there’s no quilting to do. Once squares are pieced, you’re done!  The throw or lap quilts are favorites amoung our quilters and the beginning quilter.  They are large enough to snuggle with and wrap around or put on your lap while watching a movie, and yet small enough to throw over the back of a chair or sofa.  They are very useful and decorative!

Sewing Your Quilt
Rag quilts can be stitched 2 different ways.  You can sew all your squares together to make your quilt top first, then add a sheet of batting and backing, and stitch the three layers together.

Or….. you can sew pairs of squares together, as shown below (with or without batting between) thereby forming your front and back of quilt at the same time.  You can use the same squares for both sides (making your quilt reversible) or use “backing squares” (available in our store – find link below).  Some quilters like to stitch an “X” on their quilt sandwich but this is not necessary.  Other quilting options are also optional and limited only to your imagination.  You can stitch along a design on your print or simply quilt your favorite motif on your squares. 


  You may sandwich our precut cotton batting squares between blocks for an even thicker, warmer quilt as shown in example photo above.   Follow the size chart below to find what size batting squares are best for your quilt.  Flannel fabric is already very thick and does not need batting, but this is a personal preference.    

Batting Squares Size Chart:
Our precut squares are WARM & WHITE 100% pure cotton fibers are processed through a needlepunch technology to give your quilt the texture you love without glues or resins!  Warm & White will not separate or bunch, and will not beard.
For 5″ – 5.25″ rag squares you will need 3 1/4″ batting squares.
For 8″ – 9″ rag squares you will need 6.5″ batting squares.
For 10″ rag squares you will need 8″ batting squares.

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