Reward Points Program

Here at Jelly Rolls 2 Go we’re constantly looking for ways of rewarding our loyal customers.  Starting in 2014 we will be beginning a points program that will give you the buying power to always pay less than the price listed.  And there’s a number of ways to earn points!

Buying any product = 5 points per dollar

Signing up for the newsletter (only once) = 25 points

These are just a few ways that we’re starting out with.  But we’ll be finding many more, and letting you know how!

Now you’re probably wondering how to spend your points.  First, you’ll need a Jelly Rolls 2 Go account.  Any of the above activities that earn points will be awarded to that account.  At any time you can sign into your account and view how many points you have saved up.  When you want to use them, just check out with whatever items you want to buy and your points will be waiting there for you to apply to your order.  Five points = five cents.  They start piling up fast!  And there’s no limit to the order amount or to the amount of points that you can spend.