Sapphire Stars Quilt


42 3/4″ x 42 3/4″ – Wall Hanging
62 5/8″ x 79 1/2″ – Fireside Quilt
90″ x 107″ – Queen Size
Sapphire Stars Quilt
by Sharon Hultgren

– Easy Angle
– Easy Eight
– Quickline Ruler

This quilt can be made with scraps, with each star being a different fabric. The background could be muslin. The small square could be an accent color throughout or, the entire quilt can be planned in your colors. For an “Amish” look, the stars could be in bright solid colors and the background black.

  Wall hanging Fireside Quilt Queen Size Quilt
Stars* 1 yd. 2 1/4 yds. 3 3/4 yds.
Large Squares 3/4 yd. 1 1/4 yds. 2 yds.
Small Squares 1/3 yd. 3/4 yd. 1 1/8 yds.
Accent Border 1/4 yd. 1/2 yd. 5/8 yd.
Outside Border 3/4 yd. 1 1/2 yds. 3 yds.
Binding 1/2 yd. 3/4 yd. 1 yd.
Backing 2 1/2 yds. 3 2/3 yds. 8 yds.
*Each star requires a 3″ x 44″ piece.

General Directions
Read through instructions before beginning the project. Prewash and press fabric. Use an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance unless noted otherwise.

Cutting Directions
Cut and piece the number of eight-pointed stars required for the size quilt you have chosen. Cut the star point so it will have a finished edge of 3 1/2″. Follow cutting and piecing directions given on the Easy EightTM package.

  Wall hanging Fireside Quilt Queen Size Quilt
Stars 4 17 31
Half Stars 8 14 18
Small Squares 16 48 80
Large Squares 5 18 32
Large Triangles 4 10 14
Cut 2 (5, 8) 4″ strips for the small squares. Cut as many 4″ squares as given above. Cut 1 (4, 7) 7 1/2″ strip(s) for the large squares. Cut as many 7 1/2″ square as given above. Cut 1 (1, 2) 8 1/2″ strips for the large triangles. squareCut 2 (5, 7) 8 1/2″ squares from these strips. Then cut these squares diagonally. Cut 2 squares 7 1/2″ and then cut them diagonally. These will be the corners.

Quilt Assembly
illus1This quilt is “built” diagonally. You begin in the corner. Two half stars are joined by a small square (see illustration at right). The corner can be set on next. Do not stretch the star points.

illus2The piece must lay flat. Trim the excess from the edges (see illustration at right).

illus3The next “row” of stars is joined in the same way. Continue joining the “rows” of stars until you reach the opposite corner of the quilt (see illustration at right).

illus4These rows are then joined by small squares (see illustration at right).

illus5Now set in the large squares and the side triangles. When setting in the side triangles, mark 7″ from the corner to the narrow point. This is the seam intersection. Do not just sew the triangle in at random. There will be some excess to trim from the edge (see illustration at right).

It is easier to complete rows in sections on the larger quilts. Then join two or three large pieces.

illus6When sewing the star points, begin sewing 1/4″ from the wide angle edge and then sew through the point, being careful to maintain the 1/4″ seam.

illus7Looking at the right side of the fabric, lay the square on top of the star point. Match the top edge and the right side. Stitch to the seam line. Take piece out of the sewing machine. It is almost impossible to pivot this corner well.

illus8Fold piece, right sides together, as shown at right. The square will be underneath. Stitch to seam line. When clipping threads, leave at least 1″ of thread. Seam will be more secure.

illus9Press the seam allowance toward the star points. NOTE: When connecting stars together with the small square, repeat this process on the other sides of the square.

illus10When sewing the large square into the center of the stars, sew side “A” first, then side “D”, side “B” and then side “C”. These seams will begin 1/4″ from the end and finish 1/4″ from the opposite end.

Cut 4 (8, 10) 2″ strips for the contrasting border. Carefully sew this around the quilt. Do not stretch the bias edge on the triangles.

Cut 4 (8, 10) 6″ outside border strips. Sew these to the outside of the quilt. Use either mitered or box corners (see below).


sapphirequiltLayer the quilt top with batting and then the backing. Hand quilt, machine quilt, or tie.

Don’t forget to sign and date your quilt!