Be ready for spring and summer with this charming Prairie Rose Tote Bag! Our January Giveaway is this lovely, easy to make tote bag kit from Fig Tree by Moda Fabrics. As winner of this kit you may pick from the Afternoon (beige) colorway or the Rose colorway.

To enter, tweet to us, comment to us or like us on facebook, and/or comment on this blog. The more you comment the greater your chances to win!
Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. Sally Hatch Quiroz
    Sally Hatch Quiroz says:

    I am really into bags right now and this bag is fabulous! I have some buttons that would embellish it quite nicely.

  2. marsha evans
    marsha evans says:

    ooooo!!! pick me, pick me!!! love the border on the front flap! I am into repurposing wool into bags… would love this pattern!!

  3. Mary Conn
    Mary Conn says:

    How cute are those? Love, love, LOVE the pattern – so old-fashioned – makes me think of Little House On The Prairie. I would flip if I won this kit!!

  4. Kathy Castillo
    Kathy Castillo says:

    This bag is so adorable. Would love to have a chance to win!! The beige bag with the cute trim is too cute!! Love it!

  5. Vicki Lehmann
    Vicki Lehmann says:

    This looks like a great project to do, and even more fun to carry! Thanks for letting us join in the contest. (quietly) ….hmmmmm…..if only I could win it……

  6. Jean
    Jean says:

    I love this bag. Thanks for the the chance to win this one. Shared it on f/b…good grief…lol, I just made my chances slimmer…hehe. I love the color and the bag is sooo cute. 🙂 Good luck everyone.

  7. Alison Brookins
    Alison Brookins says:

    Love this cute bag! If I were to win, I could see myself making many of them! Looks like they would be fun to make as well as easy. I think the bag would be great to make for the church bazaar.

    • JR2G
      JR2G says:

      Hi Kim – Thanks for comment on this post and good luck to you in the giveaway! Yes there are a lot of wonderful and amazing things made with Jelly Rolls but this item is not made with Jelly Rolls. Just wanted to let you know. This Prairie Rose pattern by Fig Tree Quilts uses straight yardage.

  8. Claire Seim
    Claire Seim says:

    Very cool bag. Does it have pockets inside? I like the roseprint idea. Of course,once I get a pattern, I have fun with my quilt scraps, too. Patchwork would be interesting, too.

    • JR2G
      JR2G says:

      Hi Claire – Yes, this bag has a pocket on the inside and if you wanted you could put another on the other side. Patchwork is an awesome idea! Just using up some scraps and making this bag with patchwork would look great – especially with jeans!

  9. Cindy Martin
    Cindy Martin says:

    I love the pattern for the totes! How cute! The fabric is so welcome amidst the snow and ice we’ve been experiencing where i am! Wouldn’t it just be great to hang it up over the window and imagine that the flowers are already blooming?

  10. Michelle Parke
    Michelle Parke says:

    I absolutely LOVE these! I’d make one for myself (or two or three…) and they would be darling birthday and Christmas presents as well. Would love to be a winner since I’m incapacitated for two months after having surgery and would love to at least be able to sew something.

  11. Angela
    Angela says:

    This bag is great. I’ll be unemployed as of tomorrow. On the positive side: winning this kit and the free instructions would provide me with a (mental) comfort project – beats mashed potatoes. 🙂

  12. Paula
    Paula says:

    Lovely bag! I love jelly rolls because they are color coordinated. I’m not good at coordinating colors, and jelly rolls and layer cakes help a lot.

  13. Annie Eick
    Annie Eick says:

    I am a newbie to quilting and would love to show this off at my “Rip ‘n Sew Club” in Sun City West, AZ. The gals will love it.

  14. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    I love these jelly rolls. I really enjoy all the patterns and ideas to make wonderful gifts with these. Look at the purse isn’t it awesome. I would love the pattern to this one to make for Christmas presents this year. Thank you. Your awesome!!!

  15. Judy Sellers
    Judy Sellers says:

    I would LOVE to win this tote kit … no, I “AM” going to win it … can’t wait to get my hands on it and head for the sewing machine … :o)

  16. Karen Propes
    Karen Propes says:

    I haven’t made a bag yet, only quilts. But I love Moda, once you get hooked on them you will always be looking for their fabrics and collections. I would love to win and try myhand an bags. Thanks great giveaway.

  17. says:

    bags are absolutely the most used and appreciated gifts– both given and recieved. this is a great promotion. thanks.

  18. Alice Faye Elliott
    Alice Faye Elliott says:

    I love making purses and these are so adorable. I will probably get this pattern even if I don’t win, but a free pattern and kit would be so fantastic.

  19. Lynn in Lebanon, TN
    Lynn in Lebanon, TN says:

    I love this bag, especially in the Rose color! This is a beautiful color to start spring with! Thank-you so much for giving us this opportunity!!!!

  20. Renee
    Renee says:

    That is a adorable bag, I would love to win it and make it for my daughter and myself. I’ve never made a bag and would sure like to try and make this one

  21. Jean Blythe
    Jean Blythe says:

    Great bag and cool website! I’ve made quite a few bags, but not one like this. It would be awesome to get such a cute bag without all the work!

  22. Louise
    Louise says:

    Love the pattern and the Figtree designs, it would be a kick to win! The fabrics are gorgeous, I especially am enjoying making quilted bags right now, so it would be fantastic to win!!

  23. Bernie Hall
    Bernie Hall says:

    Likw the bag, great size for a lot of papers to grade. Added bonus: I wouldn’t have to hunt for great fabric myself!

  24. Karen
    Karen says:

    I have been looking for a pattern for a great handbag, this one looks perfect and I colors chosen in the photo. I would love to win this and then share this site to all of my quilting friends!

  25. Sally Foister
    Sally Foister says:

    What a beautiful bag. I really like the idea of a bag I can empty out on the bed, toss into the washer and dryer and load it up again. It would also make a great diaper bag for my granddaughters first baby.

  26. Becky Wilcox
    Becky Wilcox says:

    This would be a wonderful project to do with my 18 year old grand-daughter. We’re learning to quilt together – so this would just be like icing on a cake!

  27. Kim Schafer-Jones
    Kim Schafer-Jones says:

    I “like’d” your Fanpage on Facebook and I’m coming here to make a comment! 😉

    I would LOVE to win this kit! Since my friends call me Prairie Chick – well, don’t ya think I should make a Prairie Rose Tote Bag!

    Thank you for the opportunity and it is GREAT to meet you!

    Kim ♥

  28. rita goshorn
    rita goshorn says:

    hmmm, i do like the shape of the bag …… it looks like it could be tweaked so that the bag is shallower. and the beige floral is great!

  29. kellie smith
    kellie smith says:

    I never click on the ad links on facebook. But your ad intrigued me! Just for the fact that it was a very very cute bag! I love it!!! Is this done with jellyrolls?

  30. Lori Long
    Lori Long says:

    Started quilting 16 years ago and have never tried the jelly roll way to quilt. Love the cute litle tote, it would be perfect for my thirteen year old daughter. Would be an awesome first project for me. Wish me luck:)

  31. Billye Currie
    Billye Currie says:

    I’m a teacher and this tote would be wonderful to carry books and papers. And my daughter is a teacher as well. I would love to surprise her with a tote too.

  32. Ozarkglittergirl
    Ozarkglittergirl says:

    I just found you on a facebook ad. What a nice site! Definitely a ‘Like’ & ‘thumbs up’ to you from this girl 🙂

  33. Linda Clark
    Linda Clark says:

    I am looking forward to spring and a new bag made from fig tree fabrics…N. Dakota is buried in snow and cold so this is a good project to get. Thank You! Linda Clark


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