Got some wool hanging around that you need to use up? Roseann Kermes shows you how easy it is to take just a few minutes to create interesting pieces using wool appliqué. Kermes has filmed a series of videos to help people create fun designs like those found in her book. In this first video, she teaches the technique of creating a backstitch on your wool pieces.

Key Takeaways:

  • Draw a line to trace your stitching line, and start your stitch a little ahead of the stitching line.
  • Your needle should enter and leave the fabric at equal distances from the initial stitch.
  • Repeating those two techniques down the stitching line will create an embroidery line.

“It’s ok if every now and then the stitch misses and doesn’t get right back in the hole and there’s a couple threads in between that’s our that’s alright that gives a nice handmade look.”

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