Making a hand warmer with simple rice and fabric is a perfect way to use up those beautiful fabric pieces you’ve stored away. Remember, you’ll hold on to these to keep warm so choose or cut squares of fabric to approximate handful size. With the fabric inside out, stitch edges together ¾ of the way around, by hand or with a machine. You can embroider or baste in any appropriate design. Turn it right-side out through the remaining space and fill with rice and stitch the top closed. Voila! The perfect winter gift!

Key Takeaways:

  • this craft is excellent for beginners
  • you will need some specific supplies to complete the project
  • measuring accurately and attention to detail is important

“We love hand warmers at our house and take them with us on winter walks, caroling, and even slide them into our packets when we are out playing in the snow.”

Check out the entire tutorial here!

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